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Why Does Smoking Cause Wrinkles – Why it’s So bad For Your Skin

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We all know smoking is terrible for our health, it is one of the main causes of lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, asthma, insomnia, emphysema… The list is endless but did you know smoking is also really bad for your skin and one of the biggest external factors in excessive premature ageing including wrinkles.

But why does smoking cause wrinkles and why is it so bad for our skin?

Read on to find out why you could be looking years older than your actual age due to the ciggies.

It might just make you think differently about lighting that next one.

No Glow Zone

So if you’ve made it here you definitely care about your skin and how it’s aging. But I’m guessing you’re no stranger to a crafty smoke or two.

Well you may have noticed your skin doesn’t have that beautiful glow you crave but appears dull and grey.

This is due to smoking affecting your blood flow to your skin. Along with blood flow comes oxygen and nutrients.

When your skin is deprived of essential oxygen and nutrients it becomes dull and lifeless.

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Why Do Smokers Get Saggy Skin?

To keep our skin looking young we need to keep up good levels of collagen and ellastin. These are the building blocks of our skin that give it a supple structure, bounce and elasticity.

As we age our levels do decline but smoking produces free radicals which are unstable molecules.

Free radicals attack our healthy cells to gain stability destroying these cells in the process.

These free radicals rapidly destroy our collagen and elastin reserves and stop our skin producing new collagen and elastin.

This results in lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Sagging skin can not only be a problem for the face but you may also start to notice bingo wings and droopy breasts too.


Why Do Smokers Get Dry Skin?

You may be wondering why does smoking give you dry skin?

The same as with our collagen and ellastin we also have something in our skin called hyaluronic acid and this is what keeps our skin lovely and plump and full of moisture.

Again our levels of hyaluronic acids deplete naturally as we age and we are able to restore it less readily but smoking dramatically destroys our hyaluronic acid further.

This leads to dehydrated wrinkly skin.

When our skin in well hydrated it has a smoother, plumper healthier appearance.

When you smoke you are also more susceptible to dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a condition you can get whether you smoke or not, it is characterized by dry, red very itchy scaly patches of skin which is brought on or exacerbated by stress.

But studies have shown you are between 20 and 50 times more likely to develop psoriasis if you are a smoker depending on how much you smoke.


The crows called they want their feet back!

Wrinkles around the eyes are an inevitable part of life but are they something you really want to be encouraging before their time.

As a smoker you are far more likely to develop premature crows feet way earlier than that of a non-smoker, this is due to the toxic smoke and heat rising up into your eyes and the repetitive squinting action that the circular muscle that surrounds your eyes has to continuously perform to protect them.

No amount of eye cream is going to prevent these, there’s only one way to prevent these I’m afraid- stop smoking!


Smokers Lines

There’s no getting away from the deep set lines that are going to develop around your mouth and lips from the continuous pursing required to draw on a cigarette.

As collagen and elastin is destroyed the skin finds it harder to bounce back so the lines get deeper.

These lines are such a tell-tale sign of a smoker they’re even named after them.

They can be slightly lifted out with dermal filler but it’s not a permanent solution and the more you smoke the worse the lines will get.

Can Smoking Cause Skin Cancer

Smoking can double your chances of developing squamous cell carcinoma, this is a specific type of skin cancer.

You are also at a much higher risk of other cancers such as lip cancers and mouth cancer.

Can Smoking Cause Age spots

Although age spots are usually a sign of too much sun, research suggest you are more likely to develop them if you’re a smoker than if you don’t smoke.

This will appear as uneven skin tone and discoloration.


Final Thoughts

If you’ve come to this page you obviously do care about the effects that smoking is having on your skin and the aging process.

Smoking is certainly speeding up the aging process by rapidly destroying your collagen and elastin supply.

Without an abundance of this you’re soon going to see deeper lines and wrinkles and popping up in places you didn’t have before.

Your also likely to experience saggy skin and droopy jowls as a result of loss of elasticity of the skin.

Dryness will also make your skin look much older as the natural moisturizing factors within your skin will decline.

You can delay all these signs of ageing by stopping smoking!

I appreciate this is not something that is all that easy but your here reading this so it must be something that concerns you and therefore something you do want to do.

The important thing is not to try to do it alone, get as much help, guidance and support as you can and good luck!

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