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White Lotus Derma Roller – My Honest Opinion

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Microneedling is a really popular treatment at the moment and for very good reason. It can reverse the signs of aging and even reduce the appearance of acne scars and stretch march!

But at an average of £200 a session and a recommended 5 sessions to see optimal results it can be quite a big hit on the pocket so many of you are seeking your own microneedling devices or dermal rollers so you can have a go at doing these treatments yourself at home.

As a facial aesthetics practitioner and skin care professional I would always advise you to do this with caution.

Dermal rolling at home can be a very safe and effective treatment as long as you know what you’re doing, and buy the right roller otherwise you may do more damage than good.

In this article I will be covering some common questions I get asked about using a dermal roller at home and my opinion on the White Lotus Dermal roller after doing a thorough investigation of the product.

What does a dermal roller do

As we age we our collagen levels within our skin start to decline, our collagen is what gives our skin its lovely bounce and plumpness so with less of it we start to develop lines and wrinkles and our skin starts to look older.


When we have had severe acne we can be left with scaring due to the skin trying to rebuild and repair itself after a deep cyst or pustule but the collagen that is laid back down is in a disorganised manner resulting in a depressed or raised areas on the skin.

Using a Dermal roller is a form of microneedling which forms tiny puncture wounds in the skin. These micro punctures create a healing response which causes your skin to produce more of its natural collagen which is brilliant for plumping out lines and wrinkles and reorganizing scar tissue.

It can also be used to treat pigmentation as it increases cellular turnover and even hair loss.

Using a dermal roller is also brilliant for trans dermal absorption of your products meaning your products will be absorbed much more efficiently and deeper into your skin when applied with your dermal roller.

Is using a home dermal roller safe

I have heard some horror stories from people buying cheap dermal rollers off eBay or amazon thinking they are getting a bargain but ending up with broken needles, needles that are not sharp enough so will cause injury as they drag the roller across the skin. Unsterile products, allergy from incorrect metal in the roller… the list is endless BUT when it comes to your face there is no such thing as a bargain, you can’t put a price on safety.

How often can I use my dermal roller

How often you use your roller very much depends on what length needles you have on your roller and what you are using it for.

0.25 dermal roller

This derma roller is brilliant for using every day and will massively increase the effectiveness of your products as it will allow them to be absorbed through the little micro channels you have created much deeper into the skin. This is very safe and you should only expect your skin to look slightly pink after needling but everyone s skin is different.

0.5 derma roller

This is the best roller for anti ageing and you will be starting to really boost your collagen at this depth but no more than every 2 weeks.

1mm dermal roller

This depth will be for targeting scars and it’s really important you don’t over do it. Don’t be tempted to use your roller more than every 4 weeks or you may start to product a collagen destroying enzyme called collagenase which we definitely do not want. But stick to this and you will see some great results.

How do I use my dermal roller

Follow these series of movements covering all areas of the skin


The White Lotus Dermal Roller

The White Lotus do a series of dermal rollers including a 0.25, 0.5 and 1mm. All their dermal rollers are made with a metal free biocompatable polymer is one solid piece.

So firstly this means it is a really safe product, if you are allergic to any metals you will not have a reaction and remember the horror stories of needles falling out, this cannot happen with this one as they have designed it as one solid piece to avoid this.THE-WHITE-LOTUS-DERMA-ROLLER

It is strong enough for repeated use for up to year, it comes with its own instruction video to show you how to use it safely. A case to keep it protected and cleaning solution to keep it perfectly and clean after use.

The owners of White Lotus are a husband and wife team, they both hold degrees in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. They now own the White lotus clinic which specializes in anti aging techniques from the far east and cosmetic skin needling.

I have ordered their products myself and have absolutely no question they are of excellent quality and have no problem recommending the derma rollers to my patients and to you.

In my opinion the White Lotus dermal roller is the best dermal roller on the market and there aren”t many I would trust other than these.


Final thoughts

If you are wanting to boost the absorption of your products so they work more efficiently for you or you want an amazing anti aging devise that’s going build up those collagen levels and really reduce those lines and wrinkles or maybe you have acne scars or stretch marks you just can’t shift well it might just be time to get a dermal rolling!

But if you do, follow my instructions above to make sure you are doing it safely. Remember you can’t put a price on safety!

Happy rolling!

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