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What Is The Best Pillowcase For Wrinkles? – Get Smoother Skin As You Sleep

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Did you ever consider your pillowcase could be a cause of your aging skin and just by changing it you could be making a massive difference to how your skin ages. Well it’s true! and it’s actually not just aging skin that could benefit from a change of pillowcase but quite a few other skin conditions too. But what is the best pillowcase for wrinkles? Without question a good quality silk pillowcase could be the answer to a wrinkle free nights sleep, read on to find out why.

Does a silk pillowcase prevent wrinkles

It will definitely help. The cotton or synthetic material pillowcases you are using at the moment are actually quite abrasive for your skin and as you move throughout night and your skin rubs against your pillow your skin will drag across the rough texture and lead to creases in your skin whereas the beautiful smooth texture of silk allows your skin to naturally glide across the fabric not disrupting the skins surface, keeping your skin wrinkle free.


Cotton pillowcases draw moisture out of the skin leaving it dehydrated, even if you apply products before you go to bed, more of these will be drawn out into a cotton pillowcase, than what’s left in your skin by morning.

Dehydrated skin equals wrinkles. Silk does not have this effect so your skin has the ability to retain moisture all night long meaning you can awake with beautifully hydrated skin.

Is a silk pillowcase good for dry skin

Absolutely! as I just mentioned the silk will not draw out the natural moisture from your skin or absorb products applied before bed, so dry skin can really benefit from a silk pillowcase.

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Can a silk pillowcase help with Eczema

Because Eczema is a condition where the skin becomes very dry, sore and irritated, any moisture that can be retained is going to help so I would definitely recommend a silk pillowcase.

It’s much less abrasive on the sore areas too. Most eczema sufferers often have other allergies and silk is a natural hypoallergenic product, a much better alternative for anyone with sensitivities.

Can a silk pillowcase help with rosacea

Yes! I would say so, when you suffer from rosacea you have a compromised barrier on your skin, this is a protective layer that keeps moisture in and external aggressors like bacteria out, but this doesn’t function properly so your skin becomes red and sore, aggravated by certain triggers and can often be very dry.CAN-SILK-PILLOWCASE-HELP-WITH-ROSACEA

A silk pillowcase is perfect for keeping the moisture in your skin.

The smooth, non abrasive texture is ideal for protecting your sensitive skin and thirdly silk is a brilliant temperature regulator which if you are a rosacea sufferer keeping cool is essential as getting hot is a trigger for most.

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Can a silk pillowcase help acne

It certainly isn’t going to hurt, the smooth surface is less likely to trap bacteria in creases and folds like cotton and synthetic textiles which are also more likely to irritate acne prone skin. But nothing is going to replace a great skincare regime with the right products.

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My recommendations

When looking for a silk pillowcase try to go for the best quality that you can afford. The silk is graded in mommes, this is the thickness of the silk so go for one with 19 or more. Less will likely be poor quality and not wash well or last you as long.

White Lotus Charmeuse mulberry silk pillowcase

I love products from The White Lotus when it comes to great skin care products, they are always exceptional quality and well researched.

Owned by husband and wife team of The White Lotus Clinic specialising in cosmetic skin needling and anti-aging techniques of the far east.

The pillowcases come in a choice of colors and in single or double packs from £66 They come beautifully presented in a box making them a lovely gift too.

They are made from 100% charmeuse mulberry silk in 19 momme superior quality for long-lasting enjoyment. Oxford style with charmeuse piping to look stylish.




Iluminage Skin rejuvenating pillowcase

I love this one too, not only does it have the benefits of silk but the pillowcase fibres are encased with copper ions! This has been clinically proven to reduce the signs of aging including crows feet, fine lines and wrinkles in as little as 4 weeks.ILUMINAGE-SILK-AND-COPPER-PILLOW

Pillowcase fibers are infused with copper oxide, an essential mineral to allow you to fight wrinkles with your eyes closed. When in contact with skin, copper ions are transferred into the moisture space between the fabric and skin to promote natural cell renewal. Safe and non-irritating to skin.

An absolute steel too at just £38.88!


My experience

I don’t like to recommend these products to you without trying them myself, I went for the White Lotus Pillowcase. The quality is beautiful.


The silk does feel nice to sleep on and I’m less conscious of adjusting my face to avoid it squishing up as much. I have a naturally oily complexion so for me the hydration doesn’t seem as apparent as it will for someone with normal, sensitive or a dryer skin type but I definitely wake up without lines down my face which I normally do. My skin is much smoother in appearance in the mornings.

Final Thoughts

The silk pillowcase feels really luxurious and can absolutely help improve a multitude of skin conditions including lines and wrinkles.

For optimal skin health it needs hydration, and if all of it’s moisture is been sucked out by our cotton or synthetic fabric pillowcases then it’s time we changed them.

Anyone with dry, irritated, redness prone or aging skin can definitely benefit from a beautiful silk pillowcase and better skin health.

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