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What Is The Best Face Mask For Blackheads – Do They Really Work?

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When it comes to blackheads they are stubborn little mites that we know we shouldn’t squeeze but also can’t resist the temptation to bring them out of hiding and out of our skin.

So wouldn’t it be great if there was a mask to draw the little nuisances out without us doing damage to our skin with our squeezing and picking.

There’s an array of them out there claiming to do just that, but what is the best face mask for blackheads and do they really work?

I’m here to clear this up to explain what these masks actually do, how to use them and which ones actually work.

Do face masks for black heads actually work?

Many of these masks contain purifying and detoxifying ingredients like clay, charcoal and sulfur. All of which are great for absorbing excess oil.

There is definitely some benefit to using these types of masks when you suffer from blackheads but you should also be aware of a few things.

Peel off Masks for Blackheads

When using a peel off masks to remove blackheads you may not always be removing the full contents of the blackhead but just the exposed oxidised top.

Beneath the surface is a build up of dead skin cells, oil and bacteria, theres a chance this could still be left in the pores.

The most effective way to use these mask and achieve the best results is to apply a hot towel first to open the pores then apply your mask.

Repeated use could lead to stripping the skin of it essential barrier which could result in irritated skin so it’s important to follow the instructions on individual products and not over use them.

Usually no more than a couple of times a week.

However some masks can be really effective and excellent at preventing new blackheads from forming.

Here are some examples of the different types of face masks for black heads.

What are charcoal face masks

Charcoal is often used in face masks as it is excellent at absorbing oil, neutralising toxins and removing dirt.

This could rapidly reduce the appearance of blackheads and stop new ones from forming.

They can be quite harsh for dryer skin types though or anyone with sensitive skin or redness prone like rosacea.

A charcoal mask will usually come in the form of a gel like mask that you apply to your skin, allow to dry then peel off, this can be quite satisfying and a really effective way to keep the blackheads at bay.

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What are the benefits of clay masks

A clay mask can be brilliant for blackheads as they draw out impurities and excess oil.

You apply the mask to your skin and allow it to harden then simply wash away the impurities.

It will leave your skin feeling great!

These types of masks can be a bit kinder to more sensitive skin types than charcoal as there are different varieties of clay, some containing more hydrating ingredients like sodium hyalurnate.

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When I think of sulfur, I must admit the first thing that comes to my mind is the toxic gas not nice images of putting a relaxing face pack on, however if you can get past that thought a sulphur mask can be really good at preventing future breakouts and blackheads, it works by drying out the skin and dead skin cells to unclog the pores.


Using a mask containing sulphur 2-3 times a week could really help keep your blackheads under control.

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Enzyme peel Mask

These are really good in my opinion, although they are not like your typical mask that is targeting your blackheads by pulling them out leaving an open pore that could potentially clog back up, an enzyme peel mask works by breaking down the dead skin cells, reducing blackheads by minimizing pore size.

They improve overall texture and appearance of your skin.

Use weekly to prevent blackheads and breakouts.

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Final Thoughts

When looking to treat your blackheads you should never under estimate the importance of a good daily skincare routine including cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising and SPF.

But these masks could definitely add some benefit to a good regime. It’s important to find the right mask for your skin type and don’t over use to avoid irritation.

There’s plenty to choose from, for more sensitive skin types stick to a hydrating clay or a weekly enzyme peel masque.