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Treating Acne Whilst Pregnant

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During this beautiful time your body is going through so many changes and your hormones are going through the roof all of which contribute to how your skin behaves.

You are probably finding your skin is breaking out more than it ever did before you were pregnant or maybe you suffered from Acne before but you are now concerned as to whether your usual skincare products are safe to use now you are expecting. Well don’t worry, treating Acne whist pregnant doesn’t have to be a problem there are some beautiful products that are going to helps bring that gorgeous glow you’ve been waiting for and banish the pesky pimples so you can forget about your skin and start enjoying this very special unforgettable time.

What’s causing your breakouts

Getting more spots or even acne is so common during pregnancy due to an increase in the hormone Androgen which causes your skin to produce more sebum, the oil that clogs your pores and when it mixes with dead skin cells and bacteria causes breakouts.

Maybe you’ve suffered with acne for many years but are worried about continuing use of your usual skincare, you should avoid anything containing Salycilic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Retinol or Accutane, all great for treating acne but not great for your baby.Skincare-ingredients-could-trigger-Rosacea

Instead look for ingredients like witch hazel, vitamin C and Aloe which you can find in these gorgeous luxurious products by The Spoiled Mama, I love this range specially formulated for pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum mamas.

All of which are free from

  • Sulfates (SLS/SLES)
  • Parabens
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Petroleum derivatives or mineral oil
  • Phthalates
  • Nanoparticles
  • Triclosan
  • Formaldehyde or formaldehyde carriers
  • Animal testing or by-products

So back to your acne skincare, here are some suggestions to get your skin back on track

BalanC Acne Toner

When your skin during pregnancy is off-kilter, strange things can happen: Pregnancy acne. Dryness. Oiliness. But don’t let troubled skin take away your glow! Made with vitamin C and botanical actives, this toner helps regulate blemishes, problem skin, and acne scars. Pair with your favorite pregnancy safe skin care for better product absorption and more beautiful skin!

  • Aloe vera and witch hazel soothe problematic skin
  • Geranium and Tamanu oil helps restore balance for a healthy face
  • Fresh citrus scent enlivens senses
  • Helps remove fine residue that leads to pregnancy acne and clogged pores
  • Toner is designed just for acne prone skin
  • Oil-free & works on all skin types + sensitive skin
  • 95% organic content; 2% vitamin C

How to use

After cleansing, spritz facial toner on a cotton ball and run over face and neck. Allow to dry and follow with moisturizer. Repeat twice a day, morning and night. For best results, pair with a pregnancy acne cream.


  • If hormones are giving you unsightly blemishes, a pregnancy safe acne toner should be incorporated into your skincare routine to keep pores clear and face fresh!
  • For targeted skin solutions, add a pregnancy serum to your routine.
  • Spritz acne toner over mineral makeup to help set finish.
  • Use pregnancy safe toner as a facial spray to give thirsty skin an instant boost.

Rehab Serum: Safe Hormonal Acne Treatment

If you’re looking for a pregnancy safe acne treatment, the search is over. It’s time to kiss your blemishes goodbye with this potent, plant-based serum!

With your hormones on overdrive, you may be dealing with stubborn, hormonal pregnancy acne. While having breakouts is a new and very discouraging experience, don’t fret – let us help bring out that show-stopping pregnancy glow in you.

Made with a low-dose retinol complex and 72% organic content, Rehab is a safe acne treatment during pregnancy – it tones using natural components like witch hazel and green tea, and makes the skin glow as it pumps in moisture with hyaluronic acid.

This elegant serum is made with small molecules that penetrate deep into the skin for fast-acting results. So whether you’re looking for a quick fix to refresh your skin, or a permanent go-to serum to banish your blemishes, this Rehab acne treatment serum is always here for you.

Going to Rehab never felt so good!

Safe for pregnant women with hormonal acne

  • Fast-acting and gentle even for sensitive skin
  • Helps improve dark spots, pigmentation, fine lines & pregnancy melasma (mask of pregnancy) safely
  • Works for all skin types (including dry and oily skin)
  • Contains 0.5% retinol; 72% organic content

Using a pea-sized amount of serum, apply to face and neck every morning and/or night. Use gentle, circular upward motions. For best results, apply on a freshly cleansed face that’s been clarified with an acne toner. Follow with moisturizer and SPF 30+.


  • Raging pregnancy hormones may help your skin become acne-prone and extra sensitive, hence the need to supplement your usual facial cleanser and moisturizer with pregnancy safe skin products to help “calm” and clarify your skin and reduce breakouts.
  • Skincare for pregnancy acne is tricky, so it is important to choose acne products that safe for your sensitive skin and your little one.
  • Any mama’s skincare for hormonal pregnancy acne should forego harsh active ingredients (like salicylic acid and glycolic acid) and instead feature toxin-free, sensitive skin-safe and unborn baby-safe alternatives.
  • Always apply pregnancy serums before moisturizers, to allow serum to penetrate skin first. Wait 5 minutes before you moisturize to allow the serum to fully absorb.
  • Acne serums are highly concentrated, so a pea-sized amount will suffice.The serum may increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun, particularly the possibility of sunburn.
  • Use sunscreen and limit sun exposure while using this product, and for a week after.
  • Always consult your dermatologist or OBGYN when looking for a safe hormonal acne treatment during pregnancy, especially if you have extra-sensitive skin or if you are having a difficult pregnancy.

Many cases of pregnancy acne are just that and your skin should return to normal after you little bundle of joy is here. But for now enjoy these wonderful products and the rest of your pregnancy.

if you would like to share your experiences please leave your comments below, I would love to here them.

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