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Get Rid Of The Pregnancy Mask- What Are Safe Products To Use

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During this absolutely amazing time of creating a little miracle you may have started to notice some changes to your skin too.

In particular to some area’s becoming darker in colour, common area’s are around the areola, armpits, inner thighs freckles and moles especially if you have a darker skin tone but don’t worry, this should all return to normal after your baby is born.

Another common area of pigmentation during pregnancy is a dark line that forms over your bump running vertically from your pubic bone to your tummy button known of linea nigra which again will fade after the pregnancy.

The one that seems to bother more of you though is the appearance of pigmentation on your forehead, cheeks and neck, this is also very common and called malasma, chloasma or the pregnancy mask, it’s caused by pregnancy hormones creating an increase in melanin which is our skins tanning pigment which protects your skin from UV, it can be a bit more stubborn making a disappearing act so may need a bit of extra encouragement so I’m going to tell you how you can safely prevent and treat pregnancy mask and what products you can use.

What Is Pregnancy Mask?

This is really common during pregnancy and its proper name is Malasma or Chloasma and it is areas of hyper pigmentation on the face so brown or tan areas which will be made worse by sunlight as it’s areas of pigment called melanin which gets darker with more exposure to Ultra Violet Radiation so the more sun exposure the worse the pigmentation although some suggest it can run in families too.

It’s also worth mentioning the contraceptive pill can also cause Malasma so after your baby is born this may be something to consider.

How To Prevent Pregnancy Mask

If there is some genetic factor involved then there’s not really much you can do about that but we do know that the pigmentation is made much worse by the sun so protecting your skin from these harmful UV rays every day is non negotiable.

Not only will it stop any malasma getting worse but it may prevent it in the first place.

But stop there! not all sunscreens are safe to use in my opinion whilst you are expecting or whilst breast feeding due to an array of harsh chemicals used in chemical sunscreens.

So always opt for a mineral sunscreen, these work by creating a physical shield for the suns rays to reflect off, commonly zinc oxide and titanium oxide so no chemicals are absorbed into the skin as with chemical sunscreen.

UV also penetrates glass so even when indoors wear your sunscreen.

I recommend Eclat Mineral sunscreen

How To Get Rid Of Malasma

I’m absolutely in love with The Spoiled Mama and their products, they are safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding mamas, and they have a great one for treating Malasma.

Lucid Brightening Melasma Treatment Cream (Mask of Pregnancy)

This multi functional product does it all.

It brightens, hydrates and gives you a pregnancy glow.

Lucid contains organic fruit acids (AHAs) that gently exfoliate your face, while kojic acid safely (during pregnancy) brightens your skin’s complexion to fight dark spots.

This treatment for melasma is an all-in-one serum that quickly penetrates the skin to improve firmness, moisture, and overall radiance.


If pregnancy has triggered spotty dark spots on your face (also known as melasma or “the mask of pregnancy”), Lucid is here to wipe the slate clean!

  • Small molecular structure sinks deep into skin to deliver quick results
  • A concentrated serum of hyaluronic acid that works to hydrate your skin and promote natural skin glow. Hyaluronic Acid can hold up to 1000x its weight in water making it an ideal ingredient for deep hydrating skin care.
  • Toxin-Free Mask of pregnancy treatment can be used as a spot treatment over dark spots, or to brighten overall complexion
  • Free of toxic skin whiteners like hydroquinone


Using a pea-sized amount of serum, apply to face and neck every morning and/or night.

Use gentle, circular upward motions. For best results, apply on freshly cleansed and toned face. Follow with moisturiser and SPF 30+, if needed.


  • Always apply pregnancy serums before moisturisers to allow serum to penetrate skin first.
  • Pair with our BalanC acne toner for clear, brighter skin.
  • To reduce the appearance of dark spots or melasma (“the mask of pregnancy”), always wear SPF 30+ and reduce sun exposure.
  • Consult with your dermatologist when considering a melasma treatment cream.

For you moisturiser luxury natural award winning skincare brand Nakin have a lovely selection of creams, serums, oils and lips balms all pregnancy safe. You can view them here.

LED light therapy

What better way to treat your pregnancy mask than with a LED light mask! Green light is great for lightening pigmentation and it’s a nice relaxing treatment you can either have professionally done by an aesthetician costs start from £50 session onward but you do need quite a few treatments to get results or alternatively you can buy your own mask and have a relaxing treatment in the comfort of your own home.

I recommend The Project E beauty Mask as it’s lighter weight and cordless maker it slightly more expensive than some but these features make a massive difference. The added bonus is it can be used to treat lines and wrinkles, acne and rosacea should you need it to and there’s no limits to how often you use it, just 5-10 minutes a day is usually good.



Just finally if you wanted a good makeup to use whilst you are pregnant to cover your pigmentation I would always recommend Youngblood minerals, there’s no nastys in there that will irritate your skin which is sometimes more sensitive during pregnancy or absolutely nothing harmful to your little precious baby.

Please share your experiences below in the comments and feel free to contact me for more information too.

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