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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Acne Scars – At Home Solutions

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The best way to treat acne scaring

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As if having acne wasn’t bad enough! but to be left with the permanent reminder of its existence is just adding insult to injury, but once you are finally free of acne you don’t have to live with the evidence of those horrendous pimples forever.

There’s plenty you can do rid yourself of the dreaded acne scars, so if you want to find out the best way to get rid of acne scars, you’ve come to the right place!

What are acne scars

When you have a particularly difficult to treat form of acne known as cystic, this is where large puss filled bumps occur deep beneath the surface of the skin and are often there for a long time.

The collagen within the skin is destroyed leaving a depressed area or as part of the healing process there is an over production of collagen leaving a raised rolled edge both results in an acne scar.


Acne scars can respond well to treatment. This can be done either at home with the right product or device or you can go and see a Professional dermatologist or aesthetician.

The Best Professional Treatments For Acne Scars

Microneedling Collagen Induction Therapy is an excellent treatment for acne scars and I treat many in my clinic for this, I have even had it myself!

This involves a hand held pen devise using controlled tiny needles to penetrate the skin to induce many micro injuries.

It creates a healing response which stimulates collagen production.

Your skin will be numbed using an anaesthetic cream and after the precedure will look a little sun burnt.

You can should see great results after 5 sessions of this treatment and expect to pay around £150 -£200 a session maybe more depending on your location.

If this is too pricey for you don’t worry there’s plenty more your can try including your own derma roller treatment to try at home, this is exactly the same principle in fact some clinicians use a derma roller instead of a pen needling device, it’s just down to preference.

However it is not advised that you needle to the same depth at home as a professional. 0.25-0.5mm is enough for home use and you will still get great results over time, your topical products will be absorbed more efficiently.


The Best At Home Derma Roller

The only at home Derma roller system I would recommend is the White Lotus compatible polymer metal free derma roller.

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Microdermabraision is a treatment whereby the top layers of skin are gentley buffed away using a hand held device, this can be done by a professional aesthetician for around £150 a session or you can get some pretty good home microdermabraision machines if you wanted to give it a go yourself.

You will always achieve results much faster from professional treatments but the added bonus of having your own devise is you can repeat the treatment as often as you like at no extra cost.


If you want a good quality home microdermabraision devise I recommend you look at Trophy skins range, they offer 3 different machines depending on your budget and needs.

Take a look at theses here.

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The Best Products For Acne Scars

Rejuvel 3D is doctor recommended, it was invented by NASA scientists who discovered the power of plant cells and anti-gravity technology in the healing process and cell regeneration.

They developed this amazing product that will improve skin quality by increasing cellular turnover and collagen production, plumping out the skin whilst dramatically improving the appearance of acne scars and dark spots caused by acne.

Tests of this product showed after 6 weeks of using it

  • !00% of people had softer smoother skin
  • 84.4 had less visible scarring
  • 76% reported less discolouration
  • 74% saw an improvement in acne marks
  • It causes no irritation and contains no dyes or parabens

Rejuvel 3D was shown to work particularly well in conjunction with AcnEase supplements. AcnEase customers also get an extra discount!

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Retinols also speed up cellular turnover and increase collagen production which over time will greatly improve the appearance of acne scars.

Retinols are all forms of vitamin A, retinol and retinol palmatate are 2 different forms of vitamin A, the skin converts theses into retinoic acid to have a biological effect.

However, it takes more processes within the skin for retinol palmatate to convert into retinoid acid than for pure retinol, therefore when buying a retinol product it must always be pure retinol or much higher concentrations of retinol palmate to achieve the beneficial effect.

If the retinol is in a jar always avoid as retinols oxidize and degrade to air and light.

The products below are high strength and will work well for acne scaring, always use retinol in the evening only and accompany with a daytime SPF as it will make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Always make sure you have fully cleansed your faced the following morning after applying your retinol the night before.

It’s always worth introducing retinol slowly to your skincare regime to avoid a reaction, because Retinol speeds up your cellular turnover, if this initially happens too quickly your new baby cells come to the surface before they are ready and your skin will become red and sore, so to avoid this start by using your retinol for just a couple of nights a week then every other until you can use it every night.

Skinceuticals 0.3 Retinol

A highly trusted brand in skincare, I highly recommend this retinol for anyone new to retinol. It isn’t to strong so shouldn’t irritate.



MD 2% Retinol serum with vitamins

This is a potent retinol but is great for even sensitive skin types, it has the added bonus of skin boosting ingredients vitamin E, B3, vitamin K and plenty and 5 star reviews from happy customers.


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It is always advisable to treat and get any existing acne under control before you try to treat the scaring. Once you have done this I can recommend any of the above.

Choose one method and stick to it, acne scars won’t disappear over night but with all of the above they encourage skin renewal and exfoliation so in time you will start to see the results you deserve for all that suffering with your skin.

WHY-SUN-PROTECTION-IS-IMPORTANT-WHEN-TREATING-ACNE-SCARSAn important note with all of these treatments is to protect your skin with a broad spectrum mineral SPF.

These treatments will make your skin more sensitive to the suns rays, UV will also make any pigmentation caused by your acne much worse and degrade your collagen.

It’s now your time to look forward to beautiful, smooth, clear skin.

Please leave me your thought comments and experiences below.