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The Best Jade Roller – Not Just An Anti Ageing Tool!

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Jade rollers are taking the skincare world by storm and are a firm favorite of many celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Kylie Minogue and Victoria Beckham and it’s hardly surprising when you find out the benefits to be had from using one.

Just to name a few you can be looking at fewer lines and wrinkles, reduced eye bags and firmer younger looking skin and that’s before we delve into the healing and spiritual benefits!

However the market is flooded with these little devices so it’s important when choosing yours you know all the facts so listen up because this will help you make your decision and lead you in to the right direction in choosing the best Jade roller for you.

So what are Jade rollers

These are little hand held devices that traditionally use different crystals to roll over the skin to promote skin health and vitality.

Each crystal will have a different spiritual property.

The action of rolling the crystal over the skin stimulates blood flow which is important for cellular health. It will also improve circulation and lymphatic drainage this will improve puffiness and congestion within the skin.


As the jade roller moves over various pressure points this can improve health, calmness and tranquility.

The cooling effects of the crystals can have a constricting effect on the pores greatly reducing their size and appearance.

Increased microcirculaton gives the skin a beautiful natural glow and radiance. The Jade roller is also great for removing toxins from within the skin.

What to look out for

A traditional Jade roller should be made with authentic genuine crystals unfortunately there are many cheap knock offs on the market as companies catch on to this high demand product using fake plastic crystals in their rollers and unfortunately these are not easy to spot.

Jade and other crystals used in the rollers are traditionally difficult to calve so many companies will add chemicals to the beautiful crystal to soften it making this process easier but lessening the quality of what should be natural product.

My recommendations

The Jade rollers I have found for you treat their crystals with the upmost respect, White Lotus will never use chemicals or dyes to enhance the colours only highly skilled craft men.

They also protect the rollers in silk as to not damage the crystals and when you buy one from them, yours will come presented in a silk lined box too.

White Lotus is the most trusted brand for the Jade roller and many other anti ageing products.

White Lotus was founded by husband and wife team who both hold degrees in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, with combined qualifications in herbal pharmacology and anti ageing techniques from the far east.

So for these reasons I would absolutely recommend nowhere else to get your jade rollers.

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About the different rollers

The rollers are available in different sizes for use on the face and the body, there is also double ended rollers with a tiny roller for getting around more delicate and harder to reach areas like around the nose and eyes.

This one would be amazing for anyone that has dark circles or puffiness around the eyes. The cool roller will relieve and revive tired eyes whilst the action of the roller will gently push away excess fluid relieving puffiness.

An intensive roller is a great option for using on the body as it stimulates the breakdown of toxins, increases blood flow and circulation this is great to used to aid in cellulite prone area.THE-BEST-INTENSE-JADE-ROLLER

The power of the crystals


Jade is symbol of power and beauty and will remain cool when rolled over the skin making it perfect for this purpose, it elevates tension and gently eliminate excess lymphatic build up.THE-BEST-JADE-ROLLER

Jade has a detoxifying and anti inflammatory effect on the skin making it perfect for blemish prone,oily skin and anyone with acne.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz promotes love, healing and compassion. It is known for its amazing healing properties and when used over the skin you can benefit from its anti ageing rewards as systematic use will improve fines line and wrinkles, improve lymphatic drainage and improve micro circulation.THE-BEST-ROSE-QUARTZ-ROLLER

Rose quartz can both clear inflammation and nourish tired skin so it is perfect for combination, blemish, sensitive or acne prone skin types.


This beautiful crystal is said to be great for the mind and increase concentration.

It is also considered to be the crystal of protection and was given to solders to protect them from getting hurt.

Many believe it has a special connection with the third eye so it is especially good for the frown lines.THE-BEST-AMETHYST-ROLLER

Amethyst is especially good for tired ageing and thinning skin. It has great toning properties enhancing the look of dull tired skin.

It is partially good for dry sensitive skin types.


The spiritual properties of this crystal is to move stagnant energy, it is also the crystal of psychic protection and spiritual grounding.

Black Tourmaline increases blood circulation and transforms stagnation to reduce puffiness and sagging skin.

Suitable for oily, normal and sensitive skin types.

Clear quartz

This is the master healer, it can be used on very sensitive skin and is said to amplify positive intentions.THE-BEST-CLEAR-QUARTZ-ROLLER

This has a harmonizing effect on the skin so is suitable for any skin type.

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Final thoughts

When choosing your Jade roller it really is a very personal experience and not a one size fits all, something White Lotus really understands and something I’ve really enjoyed learning about.

There really is one for you and it’s a spiritual journey as well as a skincare journey which is quite exciting.

I’d love to here your thoughts on this and if you have any experiences to share so please add them in the comments below.

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