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The Best Facial Massager – Why You Should Do It!

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Many of us go to the gym daily to give the muscles in our bodies a good workout, a key part of keeping our bodies looking young and healthy, but did you know you should also be giving your face a daily workout too?

Daily facial exercises are essential in keeping the skin looking young and healthy and the best way to exercise the facial muscles is with massage.

So since discovering that spending 10 minutes morning and evening giving your face a good workout was so beneficial for your skin, I wanted find an easier way of implementing this into mine and your daily routine by looking for the best facial massager to do the job!

Not only would it save so much time but by finding the absolute best device but it would do the job so much more effectively.

Most of you may not know this about me but before I became I skin specialised I was and still am I a registered Dental hygienist and therapist so spent my days scaling, drilling and filling teeth, and what I learnt from my years in dentistry is that your hand instruments will never do a job more effectively than a machine can do it, as long as you invest in quality and not cheap knock offs!

So what are the benefits of facials massagers

Firstly they will stimulate blood flow, this will increase oxygen to the to skin cells giving you healthier more radiant skin.

Massaging the facial muscles will have a lifting, toning and tightening effect.

This will have a cumulative effect over time so the more you stimulate the muscles over time the tighter they will get, just like when you go to the gym only much easier!

Facial massaging will stimulate collagen

This is essential for reducing the signs of aging, collagen is what gives our skin it’s youthful bounce and as we get older our levels within our skin start to decline.

The sun and exposure to environmental pollutants and even blue light from our screens will further degrade our collagen so being able to stimulate it further with the use of facial massage is amazing.

Lymphatic drainage and circulation

A daily facial massage will aid lymphatic drainage and stimulate good circulation, this will reduce puffiness and any swelling you might have and particularly dark circles under your eyes.THE-BEST-FACIAL-MASSAGER

Tension relief

We have such stressful lives with so much going that even this in itself leads to more lines and wrinkles so adding a lovely relaxing facial massage to your daily routine to relax your stressed tight muscles will further iron out deep set lines and prevent more from appearing whilst further relieving stress and tension.

Enhance skincare absorption

This will not replace your skin care routine, it is so important to have great regime in place but what it will do it further enhance the absorption of your products. win win.


The best facial massager

I’ve done the search for you for the best massager and there are plenty out there but my favourite is the Vijuve Face Massager for wrinkles toning and tightening.

It’s currently on offer at $95, it is made from solid anti microbial metal which is a must as you don’t want to be transferring bacteria onto your skin.THE-BEST-FACIAL-MASSAGER

Some other great features of this device that you won’t get with other devices is it has a unique on off sensor which will detect your skin which will preserve battery life so when it isn’t touching your skin it automatically turns off and back on again as soon as it makes contact. Genius!

Not only does this device help reduce lines and wrinkles, age spots and sagging it also works to tighten up pores and normalise sebum production this is the oil that our skin produces deep within our pores but for some of us we can over produce this resulting in oily skin and even acne.

This device helps to normalise this oil production when it is produced in excess so if you suffer from acne this will also help you too.


It is cordless which I think is essential, there’s nothing more irritating than annoying wires, it’s light weight and really easy to use.

After you have used it you just give it a little wipe with a clean towel to get any face cream or serum off and pop it back on it’s stand.THE-BEST-FACIAL-MASSAGER


It looks nice aswell which can be quite important, well it is to me anyway when you have all these things lying around it’s a bonus if they’re pleasing on the eye.


The product comes highly recommended with consistent 5 star reviews by happy customers. People tend to report firmer, softer smoother skin, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and one guy even said it helped his headaches!

REVIEW-FOR-THE-BEST-FACIAL-MASSAGERIt even comes with it’s own serum too! this is a vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum with peptides and to be honest it sounds great and at the moment it only $35 (usually$75) an absolute bargain!

Vitamin C is a hero ingredient when it comes to anti ageing, it stimulates collagen and is an amazing antioxidant to neutralise free radical damage from the sun and pollution which further degrades our collagen.

Hyaluronic acid is also naturally produced within our skin but lessons as we age, it holds up to 1000 times it weights in water meaning its amazing at plumping out the skin, so when we lose it we get lines and wrinkles and dehydrated skin.

Adding it to your skincare will really boost hydration and plump out those fine lines restoring a more youthful appearance.


Final thoughts

In summary giving your face a daily workout is essential if you want to maintain healthy youthful skin and relief tension and to do to this efficiently and effectively I recommend using the Vijuve Facial Massager.

It will restore and stimulate collagen, blood flow and circulation, improve product absorption, improve lymphatic drainage reducing puffiness, resulting in fewer lines and wrinkles, firmer and more toned skin, normalised oil production with less breakouts.

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