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The Best Anti Ageing Eye Treatments- Get Rid Of Crows Feet and Dark Circles

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Crows feet and fine lines around the eyes are usually the very first signs of ageing, I certainly know it was for me! All those late nights, sun bed sessions (yes I hold my hands up!) and crows-feet-first-signs-of-ageingmargaritas had finally caught up with me and I was still only in my late 20’s! I remember going to ask my aesthetician for Botox® luckily I had a decent practitioner who told me I should hold off for a few years. But what are the best anti ageing eye treatments?

Eye treatments have to be one of the most sort after when it comes to anti ageing, it’s not only fine lines and wrinkles that sneak up on us but dark circles and eyes bags to boot.

So what is the cause of ageing eyes

The skin around our eyes is about the thinnest and the most delicate of our entire body so it should come as no surprise it’s the first area to show signs of ageing.

We show so much expression and emotion through our eyes that this causes the delicate skin to
crease so easily that over time these smile or laughter lines can leave their permanent mark, add to the mix the natural ageing process and the lines become much more pronounced over time.laughter-lines-ageing-the-eyes

Our environment and the lives we lead can directly influence the ageing process, particularly around the eyes.

UV from the sun in its self damages our collagen leading to aged skin but been in the sun a lot will also make you squint adding to those crows feet!

Smoking is a known contributor to ageing, it’s 4000 plus chemicals damage collagen and elastin whilst in addition repeated exposure to the burning tobacco causes squinting to protect the eyes from the smoke, yet another good reason to quit.

So how do we treat our delicate eyes

As a facial Aesthetics practitioner it might surprise you when I say Botox® isn’t necessarily my damage -smoking -does -to -eyesgo to treatment for around the eyes, it definitely has it’s place in some cases to gently soften but I like to keep the eyes as natural as possible. They tell a story and you don’t want to loose that warmth so for me good skincare is an absolute must! I’m now approaching my final year in my 30’s and I still haven’t had that Botox® well not in my crows feet anyway.

Skincare for eyes


When it comes to the best anti ageing eye treatments it has to be Retinol. As we age our skin looses elasticity and firmness due to our collagen levels depleting. Once we hit our 20’s this drops by 1% every year! This is massively responsible for wrinkles. Using a Retinol eye cream will stimulate collagen production and increase cellular turnover leading to firmer skin and skincare-for-delicate-eye-areafewer fine lines and wrinkles. If going with a medical grade Retinol introduce gradually at a lower concentration and build up slowly. Retinol is nighttime only and always protect with an SPF in the day as it increases your skins sensitivity to the sun.

Hyaluronic acid

This is a hero ingredient for any skin type for any condition and the eye area is no exception. When it comes to anti ageing hydration is so important, if the skin is dried out wrinkles will deepen and appear worse. Hyaluronic acid is the number 1 ingredient for hydration. Hyaluronic acid forms part of the extra cellular matrix along with collagen and elastin and it can hold up to 1000 times it’s own weight in water, adding this to the skin will not only add hydration but it will draw up moisture from the deeper tissues plumping up the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Extra baggage


Products containing caffeine can help reduce lipid build up which can lead to puffiness. Try sleeping with an extra pillow to allow excess fluid to drain and avoid too much salt in your diet.

Dark circles

As we age we tend to loose fat and collagen, and our skin gets thinner, the underlying blood vessels then become more visible. It could also be down to post inflammatory hyper pigmentation
caused by allergies, rubbing or be hereditary, this will usually appear darker brown.Dark-circles-ubder-eyes

Illuminating eye creams that reflect the light can be really useful for disguising dark circles, they instantly make your eyes look brighter with reflective pigments. who doesn’t need some of this in their life.

Vitamin C is also great for treating dark circles as it has an amazing brightening effect.

I recommend LUCENT-EYE-ANTI-AGEING-CREAMLucent skin eye cream by Revitol

It dramatically reduces puffiness and dark circles, renews and reclaims flawless skin, promotes increased elasticity and reduces thinning skin.

No more tired bags or bluish discolouration.                SHOP NOW


Vitamin C and E

These are so important when it comes to anti ageing and the best ones are in the form of Vitamin C and E.

Every day our delicate skin around our eyes is battling with free radicals produced from the sun and pollution, these free radicals destroy our collagen and dramatically age our skin.

Using an eye cream or serum every day containing Vitimin C will protect against free radical damage and add Vitamin E and its effects increase 4 fold.


You should never under estimate the power of an SPF when it comes to anti ageing. The sun is our skins biggest enemy and we must properly protect it. I cringe now when I think back to all the years of hammering the sunbed! How little did I know then. But we can delay the signs of ageing with a good SPF specifically formulated for the eye area.

I recommend Skinceuticals Double Defence, this is a powerful antioxidant proven to prevent  free radical damage around the eye area, and a mineral eye UV defence sunscreen both target fine lines and wrinkles and discolouration.

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Get your beauty sleep

Are you getting enough beauty sleep? Getting your beauty sleep is no longer a cliche but an actual fact!

Whilst you sleep your body makes new collagen that keeps your skin strong and elastic. Night creams and serums work while we sleep as blood flow increases during the night so products are absorbed more quickly.

Your body re hydrates while you sleep this means fine lines and wrinkles and dark circles are less visible.

Sleep on your back, if you sleep on your side or your front you are increasing pressure and wrinkle formation.

Get brighter eyes starting today

So if you want to delay the signs of ageing around the eyes think prevention and protection first, as early as your twenties you can be using a daily anti-oxidant eye cream or serum containing Vitamin C and E to  neutralize free radical damage from the sun and pollution.


The absolute same goes for an SPF to protect from the harmful UV that will destroy you’re beautiful collagen.

If you want a powerful solution think Retinol eye cream or serum, this Vitamin A derivative is one of the best anti ageing products out there, but use it wisely it can cause irritation if you go too fast with it, think low and slow to begin with and build up gradually.

Caffeine’s a great ingredient for dark circles as well as the amazing brightening properties of Vitamin C.

You’ll soon have that sparkle back in no time.

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