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Sunscreen and Ageing- Everything You Need To Know

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When it comes to anti ageing you may think you have got the lot, all the day creams, the night creams, the eye creams, the serums, I could go on… am I right? But when it comes to your anti ageing skincare, quite frankly without THIS you might as well burn the lot…SUNSCREEN!!!.

Yes really! It is that important! Sunscreen and ageing go hand in hand and I’m going to tell you exactly why.

Most of your expensive skin care is working so hard for you to stimulate collagen and elastin production which is so vital for maintaining a youthful appearance, but non of this is worth your while if your not going to protect it from the damaging and cumalative effects of the suns powerful ageing UV rays.

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B is for Burn A is for Ageing

The sun produces Ultra Violet Alpha and Ultra Violet Beta rays commonly known as UVA and UVB.

UVB rays are the lovely warm sunny rays we all know and love but we also know to protect against them as they can burn our skin,  they are short wavelength light and when they penetrate our skin they convert light into heat which can then lead to sun burn. However not many people are aware of the damaging effects of UVA radiation, this is a long wavelength light that can penetrate much deeper into the skin and it causes DNA damage with every cell that it makes contact with.damaging-UVA-and-UVB

What is UVA doing to our skin?

UVA is also responsible for 80- 90% of skin ageing and is significantly responsible for ageing related problems such as pigmentation or age spots, lines and wrinkles.

Collagen and elastin are the support structures of our skin, they’re the proteins within our dermal layer that give our skin its elasticity, bounce and resilience. We have more collagen than any other protein in our body so you can imagine why it’s so important. We also have stem cells within this deeper layer which keep our cells looking young by replacing the old.

The suns UVA rays damage our beautiful collagen, elastin and stem cells leading to significantly more lines and wrinkles than skin that is never exposed these rays.

We can protect our wonderful collagen, elastin and stem cells by wearing a daily broad spectrum SPF.

What are age spots and why do we get them

Age spots are areas of pigmentation sometimes refered to as liver spots or sun spots and are much more common in people with paler complexions. Especially in people over 50. They are caused from excess exposure to the sun or even worse the use of tanning lamps or beds and they are the skins natural way of trying to protect itself. The skins pigment cells become over active and produce melanin in clumps and in high concentrations, leading to these unattrative spots. Avoid pigmentation or age spots by implementing a SPF into your daily skincare regimen.

When you should see a doctor

If these spots are black, have an irregular border, bleed or change in size you should always get them checked by a doctor as they could be a sign of Melanoma an aggressive skin cancer you do not want to ignore!

Sunscreen’s not just for sunny days

UVA light is in equal measure during every second of day light meaning regardless of whether it’s a beautiful sunny day or a cold dull cloudy winters day you will still receive the same level of exposure of UVA light, this means it’s imperative that we wear a broad spectrum SPF everyday.

UVA can even penetrate through glass. Broad spectrum means it will protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays so against burning and ageing.

a-truck-driver-shows-uvageingTake a look at this picture to the left, it’s of a 69 year old truck driver of 28 years. He drove his truck every day in The States. The left hand side of his face has been exposed to years of harmful UV even through the window of his vehicle. Note the difference of both sides! Incredible isn’t it!

This definitely illustrates the importance of wearing daily SPF to protect your skin from ageing even when indoors or on dull cloudy days.

What else can we do

Protect your skin as much as possible from harmful UV by wearing a wide brimmed hat and a gorgeous pair of sun glasses. Seek shade whenever possible to avoid to harmful UVB.

Free radicals

We also should be aware of free radical damage from the sun as this also has a dramatic effect on how our skin ages and is something we should protect against. The suns distructive UV rays produce free radicals which our skin is exposed to every day of the year. These free radicals destroy our collagen in our skin, dramatically increasing our ageing process.

A Good topical product with anti oxidant properties will protect your skin from oxiditive stress. Ingredients such as Vitimin C helps to counteract UV free radical stress, applying Vitamin C to our skin can be 20 times more effective than taking it orally. Resveratrol protects skin from UVB damage, Niacinamide is known for it’s calming properties therefore is a great one for redness, inflammation, brown spots or pigmentation, make sure to add an anti oxidants to your skin care routine for daily protection.

Daily SPF

A daily broad spectrum SPF is your most important tool when it comes to anti ageing so make sure you add it to your regime today.

The most important thing to note when thinking about adding a sunscreen to your skincare regime to prevent ageing is to go for a broad spectrum to protect you from both UVA and UVB but most importantly to apply it every day as part of your morning skincare. It isn’t just for sunny days either or even if your going out, remember UVA penetrates glass and cloud! So even if you have a full day in the office you’re still going to need it.uv-even-penetrates-glass

My recommendations

UV Bronze by Fillorga Visage Anti Ageing Sun Fluid

As a practitioner in medical aesthetics I am very familiar with FILLORGA-ANTI-AGEING-SUNSCREENFillorga’s products and have used them in my clinic and on my own skin with excellent results. Their products are of exception quality with years of clinically backed research making this my number 1 choice! It not only protects from UV rays but has powerful anti oxidant protection aswell as treating dark spots, skin tone, lines and wrinkles.

Here’s some reviews


My next recommendation would be Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream sun defence.

This is specially formulated for the face and gives 8 hour 8-hour-sun-protectionprotection, you can put it on under your makeup with no need to reapply, making this my second choice.

It also has some great reviews, heres what people have said about it.8-hour-protection-reviewsEclat’s mineral sunscreen

If you want a sunscreen that is 100% natural and also anti ageing then I would recommend Eclat’s mineral sunscreen, it’s long lasting. it protects against UVA and UVB and full antioxidant natural-sunscreen
protection. its also eco friendly and cooling. mineral sunscreens are great! They contain no harsh chemicals and work by reflecting the sun rather than absorbing the rays keeping you cooler!

If you want to know what people have to say about it, heres some reviews.8-hour-protection-reviews

Remember prevention is better than the cure when it come to fighting the signs of ageing so the earlier in life you add a broad spectrum sunscreen to your morning routine the longer you will be able to delay those lines and wrinkles, avoid age spots and sagging skin whilst safe in the knowledge you are always protected against deadly cancers too.

Live, laugh, wear sunscreen.