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Strongest Home Chemical Peel – Are They Safe!

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Chemical peels are great for our skin, they’re an excellent resurfacing treatment that are really effective for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, pore size, acne and acne scars whilst increasing cellular turnover and improving collagen and elastin production which becomes rather sluggish as we age.

Going to a professional for repeated chemical peels can become quite pricey though, so if you can get the same results yourself from home even better right?

But what is the strongest home chemical peel and are all home chemical peels safe? Read on to find out!

What Chemicals Should Be In A Home Chemical Peel?

This would depend on what skin type you have and what you are wanting to achieve.

Acids known as beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) Salicylic acid are great for acne prone skin or very oily skin as is Glycolic acid which is an alpha Hydroxy acid (AHA)

Other AHAs are lactic acid this is great if you have a dryer more dehydrated complexion.

Other types of acids are Trichloroacetic Acid TCA these come in different concentrations and can be extremely strong.

You might also see mandelic acid or gluconalactone both of which are used in professional peels but you may find in your at home peels too.

So here are some examples of the strongest at home peels.

The Best Home Chemical Peel For Acne Prone/Oily Skin

Salicylic Acid Skin Peel by Skin Beauty Solutions

This home peel is perfect for acne prone skin, it comes in three strengths of 10%, 20% and 30% but I would definitely not recommend starting with the 30%.

It is always best to let your skin acclimatise and build up the strength slowly.

Salicylic acid is usually quite well tolerated so at the lower percentage you could use this peel a couple of times a week.

You should notice a reduction in spots, blackheads, oil and blemishes.

Always make sure you protect your skin from the sun with a high factor SPF following your peels.

Here are some reviews from people that have tried it.


The Strongest Glycolic Acid Peel – Beware!

This peel comes in strengths of 10%,35%, 50% and 70% if you are new to chemical peels absolutely start at the lower percentage and always do a patch test!

When going above 35% you will definitely experience some discomfort and prepare for a few days down time, your skin will definitely peel with this one.

Expect a few days of tightening of your skin, followed by it turning a reddish brownish colour before it begins to flake and peel away.

With a glycolic peel you will expect to see an improvement in lines and wrinkles, acne scars, oil production and pore size.

After your peel treatments make sure you protect skin from the sun with a high factor SPF, your skin will be so much more sensitive to harmful UV post peel.

Here are a couple of reviews by people who have used the glycolic peel.


So that’s the heavy stuff, lets take a look at something a little bit tamer, that you can use on your skin safe in the knowledge you get up in the morning and you’re not going to be leaving your face behind on the pillow.

Here are some of my absolute favorites.

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel

This is a little peel kit you can do morning or evening, it’s really simple and safe to use and you really are going to get gorgeous smooth glowing skin, I just love these!

Amazing for anti aging and acne prone skin.


I much prefer to go down the progressive not aggressive route for home peels, leave the hardcore stuff to the professionals when it comes to your face you need to be safe.

The Best Home Chemical Peel For Aging Skin

Exuviance Performance Peel AP²5

This contains 3 amazing acids, Glycolic, mandelic and gluconalactone, these are commonly used in profession chemical peel but are completely safe and easy to use in this at home peel.

you can use it up to twice a week and with regular use can expect to see fewer lines and wrinkles, increased radiance, suppleness, clarity, brightness and a more even tone, texture and an over all healthy glow.


The Best At Home Peel On A Budget

You can always rely on The Ordinary to come up with the goods when shopping for skincare on a budget.

This is a lactic acid peel, you can apply it every day at night and you can expect superficial light peeling. It also contains hydrating hyaluronic acid.


Final Thoughts

As far as I’m concerned there is nothing wrong with using at home chemical peels as long as you’re sensible.

I would strongly recommend sticking to the ones that advertise safe for home use and you can enjoy healthy glowing skin with no downtime, side effects or skin irritation.

If however you are going to ignore this advice and want to go all in you must be aware that giving yourself a deep chemical peel does come with risks.

You may be exposing your skin to infection so always make sure your hands, face and any equipment you used to apply your peel is sterile or disinfected.

Build up to the higher strengths and always take your time to follow the instructions carefully.

Most importantly which ever peel you choose, your skin will be more sensitive to harmful UV so be sure to protect it with a high factor SPF.

What are your thoughts on chemical peels, have you ever had a professional one but want to try an at home one, let me know in the comments below.