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Safe Skincare During Pregnancy-And What To Avoid

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Pregnancy is such a magical time, I absolutely loved every minute of it. During this time it is almost inconceivable how amazing your body is, whilst growing and nurturing this tiny human your body goes through so many changes, and you mustn’t forget your largest organ of all, your skin! As your hormones are all over the place you may find your skin responding very differently to normal as our hormones play a big role in how our skin behaves, it’s also so important you use safe skincare during pregnancy and know what you can and cannot use so I will clear all that up along with some recommendations for some perfect pregnancy products you deserve to keep your skin beautiful and glowing during this precious time.

What to use and what to avoid

I’m starting here as its definitely the most important, so you must not be using any products containing Retinols, Retin A and Retinoids whilst pregnant, these derive from Vitamin A, an anti ageing ingredient in a lot of skin care products in varying strengths and forms but a definite no no in the stronger forms. Sometimes this is prescribed for the treatment of more severe acne too.

For a luxurious range of anti ageing skin care that’s all completely safe, natural and excellent quality try Nakin’s anti ageing skin care range, its all completely safe to use during pregnancy and they have a wide range of products from cleansers, to serums, eye creams and lip balms.


It’s so important to protect your skin from the sun and one really common skin complaint during pregnancy is hyper pigmentation. The best way to prevent this is to use sunscreen everyday, even when indoors, those ageing UV even penetrate glass and are consistent throughout the day.

Chemical sunscreens contain harmful chemicals such as Avobenzone, homosalate, octisalate, octocrylene, oxybenzone, oxtinoxate, menthyl anthranilate and oxtocrylene, these are absolutely best avoided. Chemical sunscreens should even be avoided when breast feeding as oxybenzone has been reported to be found in breast milk. Instead, use a broad spectrum physical SPF, these reflect the suns harmful UV by using titanium oxide or zinc oxide much better for your skin and for baby with no harmful chemicals.
I recomemend Eclat Mineral Sunscreennatural-sunscreen

Hydroquinone is a skin lightening ingredient used for reducing pigmentation but you would definitely want to avoid this too whilst pregnant even though you may be experiencing pigmentation or malasma which is a very common skin concern during pregnancy, you may also notice a darker line from your navel to your pubic bone, this is called “the line of Nigra” and usually disappears after your babies born, the darker spots on your face can be a bit more stubborn but can be treated after your pregnancy but you can certainly help prevent more pigmentation by protecting your skin from UV with broad spectrum high factor physical SPF to reduce hyper pigmentation.

A natural and safe way to treat your pigmentation is with LED light therapy, you can do this from the comfort of your own home with an LED light mask and it’s completely chemical free. It can also be used to treat Acne and lines and wrinkles. LED light can be an excellent way to treat multiple skin concerns gently and safely and any skin type can benefit. A great alternative to skin care products whilst you’re pregnant and you can continue to use it after your babies born as the benefits are endless!

Commonly during pregnancy whilst the hormone Androgen levels are soaring acne can be a real bother so another one to give a miss are products containing Salicylic Acid also known as a Beta Hydroxy Acid, this would usually be found in products used to target acne, aswell as Benzoyl Peroxide and Accutane which is only available on prescription again to treat more severe acne and should be avoided when expecting. Instead, try something with Lactic acid, witch hazel green tea and aloe.

Stretch marks

These have to be the most common bothersome skin complaint of pregnancy. As your body expands and your skin stretches to accommodate you’re growing baby you can start to experience these reddish streaks over your bump, breasts legs or arms anywhere you’ve gained weight quickly.

They will fade to a silvery white colour over time but you can definitely try to prevent these pesky marks by keeping your skin well moisturised with some beautiful mum to be body lotions butters or oils, there are some gorgeous ones you can truly indulge in to look after that bump and pamper yourself at the same time.

My favourites are by The Spoiled Mama a US based company that’s offers free shipping, they offer a great range of pregnancy safe products, to see you through to breastfeeding and beyond. All beautiful products and free from any harmful chemicals, non-toxic, vegan friendly and organic!

What about make up

During pregnancy it’s not unusual for your skin to become extra sensitive and irritated by some of the ingredients in your make up. As a completely safe option go for Youngblood Mineral makeup. Makeup that’s actually good for your skin! It doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients like chemicals or dyes that will irritate your skin. Furthermore, it’s none comedogenic meaning it won’t clog your pores so if your skin is acne prone it will actually help it to heal.

If you have any more concerns regarding your skin please do not hesitate to leave me a message or comment below, I love to hear all your thoughts and experiences and let us all know how your skin is during your pregnancy. It’s always nice to compare notes.

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