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Makeup That’s Good For Your Skin

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I love make up, in fact I don’t think I could live without it. It makes us look fresher when we feel a bit tired, gives our skin a glow when it looks a bit dull, covers up spots, blemishes, redness, pigmentation I could go on and on about the benefits BUT it’s not all that great for our skin, right! it clogs our pores and irritates our complexion.

Well how amazing would you feel if I was to tell you that actually you can wear makeup that’s good for your skin! Well it’s absolutely true and I completely love it.

Youngblood mineral cosmetics was founded by medical aesthetics practitioner Pauline Youngblood over 20 years ago. She wanted a foundation for her patients that had under gone cosmetic treatments such as chemical peels or medical needling and due to the sensitive nature of the skin follow treatment they required a product containing no harsh chemicals or irritants that would harm the skin, so this is how she went on to create a soothing foundation that would also aid healing after cosmetic and medical procedures.

I first discovered Youngblood makeup after having medical needling to treat acne scaring, following treatment my skin was bright red just like sun burn, my aesthetics practitioner advised me at the time about Youngblood and it’s healing properties following treatment and applied it before I left, it was brilliant and I now use it all the time and recommend it to my patients.

Who is this good for


It’s clean and lightweight, it allows your skin to breathe and is non-comedogenic (it won’t block pores or cause irritation). Even with the flawless coverage, you’ll feel like you’re wearing no makeup at all.

Rosacea or sensitive skin types

Without looking heavy Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics cover almost every distraction. For people who suffer from rosacea, their inflammation can be covered effectively in minutes and the redness will not bleed through.

Youngblood Mineral Makeup can be worn on sensitive or allergy-prone skin, because of its lack of the main ingredients that irritate sensitive skin.

Superior quality Mineral Makeup products like YOUNGBLOOD dramatically improve the look of any complexion giving the illusion of clear, healthy blemish free skin with just a light coverage and can be applied in seconds.

Anyone that wants gorgeous looking skin

Youngblood continues to stay ahead due to the spectacular advance in technology; from the way minerals are milled to the scope of colours now available and the variety of coatings that affect the way in which they scatter visible light.

Youngblood Minerals scatter light when applied to the skin; this is how they give the illusion of perfection. Unlike a traditional matt powder that absorbs light and allows one to see into the skin, Youngblood Minerals act like hundreds of thousands of mirrors reflecting and refracting light back at the observer and obscuring imperfections that lie beneath.


12 reasons to love this makeup

  • Is made from pure, natural mineral triple milled for weightless, silky, adjustable coverage
  • Is ideal for all skin types and conditions including acne, rosacea, pigmentation or those who have recently undergone an invasive skin treatment
  • Superior coverage, even with a single application
  • Offers a wide range of foundation formulas (loose, tinted, liquid and pressed) giving you a range of finishes (matte, satin and dewy)
  • Is a true Artistry range with a comprehensive choice of colour
  • Contains Titanium Dioxide for natural sun protection
  • Does NOT use nano-technology
  • Is non-comedogenic, so allows the skin to breathe naturally
  • Is free of parabens, fragrance, oil, talc, alcohol, fillers and artificial dyes
  • Is animal cruelty-free and environmentally friendly
  • Superior formulations are made using advanced technology and provide unparalleled quality
  • Superior Product Performance

My product recommendations

Foundation Primer

Youngblood mineral cosmetics mineral primer benefits lightweight, translucent makeup primer reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores infused with minerals and vitamins helps protect the skin from environmental damage luxury formulations, unique milling processes as well as chic packaging, Youngblood mineral cosmetic products are clean, lightweight and allow the skin to breathe. It is non-comedogenic and will leave your skin looking completely radiant and healthy.



Mineral Foundation


This deep sea hydrating complex is the perfect liquid mineral foundation for normal to dry skin that needs a “boost” of hydration to achieve healthy-looking, skin. Perfect to use alone or with the loose mineral foundation for a flawless complexion. Provides brilliant, long lasting colour.

Youngblood Loose powder


Pressed mineral rice powder is silky, easy-to-blend and non-chalky powder incredibly absorbs oil and covers pores / fine lines controls shine with long last effect leaves you a flawless, matte complexion talc-free

Youngblood Ultimate Concealer

Rich, creamy, mineral formula provides sheer to full coverage blended with light-reflecting minerals minimizes appearance of dark circles and fine lines leaves you a flawless, smooth complexion.


Youngblood Illuminator



Mineral Cosmetics’ luxurious illuminating cream infused with Black Diamond Dust produces incredible shimmer and luminosity. Its lightweight silky texture blends seamlessly with other cosmetics making it the perfect highlighting tool for every professional makeup artist.

I hope you enjoy shopping for some gorgeous makeup products which are actually going to be good to your skin.

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