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Is Profhilo A Filler? – What Does It Do For The Skin

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Have you been looking around for that perfect treatment to deal with those fine lines and wrinkles and saggy crepy skin when you came across Profhilo.

You probably have a few questions though like, Is Profhilo a filler? How does it work? Is it painful and how long does it last?

In this article I aim to give you everything you need to know about Profhilo, the good and the bad, so if you are considering having Profhilo, you should give this a read first.

What Is Profhilo?

Profhilo is the first injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) based product for the treatment of skin laxity.

With one of the highest concentrations of HA it not only boosts and hydrates the skin, but also remodels aging and sagging skin.

As a stabilised product Profhilo lasts in the skin for around 28 days. During this time the stimulation of 4 different types of collagen and elastin takes place by the slow release of HA.

The stimulation results in significant tissue improvement.

Profhilo contains 32mg of low molecular weight HA (80-100Kda) and 32 mg of high molecular weight HA (1100-1400Kda). This gives one of the highest concentrations of HA totaling 64 mg of HA in a 2ml prefilled syringe.

Profhilo is developed by using a patented technology – thermal cross-linking.

The High molecular weight hyaluronic acid gives a slight lifting effect whilst the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid is released slowly giving a hydrating effect.

What’s The Difference Between Profhilo And Filler?

So dermal filler is an injectable hyaluronic acid which is crossed liked meaning all the chains of HA are tightly joined together to keep them in place so they can add volume.

Profhilo is still made from hyaluronic acid like a dermal filler but the HA chains are not cross linked but heat stabilised so it is still able to stay in the skin longer but instead of adding volume like a filler, profhilo will evenly distribute itself beneath the skins surface where it remains for about 28 day.

How Does Profhilo Work?

Whilst profhilo is in the skin, it simulates the production of 4 different types of collegen, type I, type II, type IV and type VII.

The result being improved skin quality and hydration both in the epidermis (the upper layers of the skin) and the dermis (the deeper layers).

It also increases production of the skins own hyaluronic acid and elastin, providing a more youthful look.

How Long Does Profhilo Take To Work?

Some say they can see results within the first 3-5 days, it is recommended a second treatment is had after 4 weeks after the second treatment this is when you will see the true results.

How Long Does Profhilo Last?

After the second treatment your results should last up to 6 months when you may need to repeat the procedure again, some people however like to maintain results with one treatment every 3 months after the initial 2.

What Does Profhilo Involve And Does Profhilo Hurt?

Profhilo is an injectable treatment so if you’re not a fan of needles then maybe this one isn’t for you!

It can be done on the face (not the forehead), the neck, the hands, or decolletage.

Very specific injection points are used, for the face, this is five on each side, 10 on the neck which allows the product to distribute evenly under the skin for maximum benefits.

The needle used is very small and fine and doesn’t need to go very deep but it stings a little although most find it more than bearable.

You can get some redness after and little temporary bumps at the injection points which level out over a few hours post treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects With Profhilo?

After and during treatment you may experience the following:

 Redness or flushing

 Swelling

 Bruising

 Pain

 Bleeding

 Tenderness

These temporary skin responses will typically subside within a few hours and most of the time people are able to return to their normal activities the next day.

Some people may react differently to others and may experience these reactions for longer. If this is the case these reactions are temporary and will usually resolve within 3-7 days.

Complications are possible and include:

 A lumpy feeling just under the skin that will resolve in the next few days without massage.

 In very rare instances blood flow from the vessels can be disrupted causing a scab formation
and, in some cases, scarring caused by skin necrosis but extremely rare.

 There is also a risk that the skin complaints can look and feel worse before improvements are seen and in most cases a series of treatments are needed to gain the desired result.

Occasionally the treatment may be ineffective, and it is recommended that a series of 2-3 treatments with Profhilo are completed with a 4 week interval.

Is There Any Reason Why You Can’t Have Profhilo?

If you have any of the following it is advised you do not have Profhilo or you discuss it further with your practitioner.

 Pregnancy or breast feeding

 Retinoid medication for acne (Roaccutane)

 Active Herpes Simplex (cold sores)

 Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy

 Active Impetigo

 Blood thinning medication

 Active auto-immune disorders

How Much Does Profhilo Cost?

This very much depends on your area but prices usually start at around £350 per treatment.

Final Thoughts

Profhilo can be a lovely option for giving a natural hydrating glow to the skin, it is especially good for anyone with dehydrated thin crepy skin.

It isn’t a cheap treatment and requires maintaining and results will always differ from person to person depending on lifestyle and skin health.

Always go a registered practitioner for any treatment like this and check out their credentials before agreeing to any treatment.