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How To Prevent Stretch Marks In Pregnancy – Your Must Have Products

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I bet I can guarantee out of all the things that you get to keep from your pregnancy you didn’t expect stretch marks to be one of them but unfortunately 9 out of 10 women end up with them after their precious 9 months growing and nurturing their tiny human.

So would’nt it be great if you knew how to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy from appearing at all.

What are they and why do we get them?

Stretch marks or Striae Gravidarum if you want to use their Sunday name usually make their appearance during the 6th or 7th month of your pregnancy as skin stretches they can be across your belly, buttocks, breasts, arms, hips or thighs basically anywhere where you put weight on rapidly!

The cause can be due to actual stretching of the skin, hormonal factors (e.g., effects Oestrogen and relaxin on the skin’s elastic fibres.

These fibres are what give our skin it’s elastisity.

As the skin is stretched the elastin and collagen fibres snap under the pressure creating these streaky lines in the skin.

They look like red streaks when they first appear and eventually fade to a silvery white colour.

The first signs might be your skin starting to itch but no matter how much we want to avoid getting them they are completely harmless and are not a sign of anything nasty.

Can anyone get them?

You actually have more chance of getting them if your mum had them during her pregnancy (thanks mum!) also if you developed stretch marks during puberty there’s a pretty good chance you will get some more whilst your expecting.

There’s also more chance you will get them if you’re a young mum to be, are expecting a big baby, are carrying a lot of amniotic fluid or multiple babies, but there’s plenty you can try and the earlier you start the better.

So what you all what to know is how to prevent them, so here some things you can try, when I was expecting my little girl I think I had every going against me, my mum had stretch marks from her pregnancies, I have loads from my teens on my legs and hips so it was inevitable I was going to them, but I tried all these things and I didn’t get any.

I also think you need to start from the minute you see that blue line.

Stay Well Hydrated

It’s always important to keep well hydrated both for healthy skin and now your expecting even more so, keeping well hydrated will help skin elasticity so important in keeping stretch marks at bay.

Well hydrated skin is less likely to get stretch marks than dry dehydrated skin.

Gain Weight Slowly

Gaining weight during pregnancy is absolutley normal and vital but to help avoid stretch marks try not to gain weight too rapidly and try to keep within the recommended 25-35 pounds for an average weight woman.

Eat Foods That Improve Your Skins Elasticity

It is recommended to include food rich in gelatine, vitamin A, C and E to help improve the elasticity of your skin.

Choose foods like eggs, whole wheat pasta and breads, plenty of mixed berries and colourful veggies.

Get Your Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for collagen production which is the building blocks from supple bouncy skin so make sure your getting plenty.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!!

From the minute you discover your little miracle you need to be giving your skin so much moisturising love, it will really help keep your skin lovely and supple as it stretches.

Look for pregnancy safe ingredients like Vitamin E and Coco butter not only will they deeply hydrate and feel great but help with collagen production which is essential in preventing stretch marks.


Exfoliating stimulates blood flow and encourages elastisity. You also get much better absorbion of your moisturiser by removing the dead surface cells encouraging and stimulating cell renewal.

My Recommendations

The spoiled Mama are a US based company with the best pregnancy skincare with free shipping.

Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks

The Spoiled Mama tummy butter is so soothing for itching bellies.

It absorbs really fast.

Containing organic coco butter  and 11 other organics , vitamin E anti oxidants and essential fatty acids.

These are fab ingredients to keep your skin firm, supple and promote collagen.

The absolute best way to prevent stretch marks.


It smells amazing too! With its lush orange-chocolate scent, Tummy Butter is the most effective way to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

  • Helps prevent new pregnancy stretch marks from appearing
  • Fades existing stretch marks caused by pregnancy
  • Minimizes the appearance of C-sections scars post pregnancy
  • Relieves itchy, dry pregnancy skin
  • Soothes sunburns & stressed skinGentle cocoa butter formula safe for your growing tummy

Massage Tummy Butter lotion onto stretch mark prone areas twice a day, or as needed. Concentrate on areas that need extra lovin’ as baby continues to grow. For maximum stretch mark treatment & prevention, use with  Bump Gloss pregnancy stretch mark oil.


  • Tummy Butters are most beneficial in preventing & fading new stretch marks.
  • Always massage belly butter lotion in a circular motion to promote blood flow for stretch mark prevention.
  • Tummy Butter stretch mark treatment works best with our pregnancy stretch mark oil.
  • Avoid nipple area while breastfeeding.
  • Consult your doctor to ensure you’re getting the essential prenatal vitamins needed for healthy baby, body & skin!

Bump Gloss Stretch Mark Oil for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

The Spoiled Mama Bump Gloss pregnancy stretch mark oil soothes your itchy tummy and keeps it stretch mark free with our organic “Perfect 10 Blend“.

The Perfect 10 Blend is a unique blend of ten cold-pressed oils that adds major hydration and increases skin elasticity to your growing belly. Enhanced with shea butter, olive oil, and vitamin E oil for stretch marks, this long-lasting belly oil for stretch marks is a fast-absorbing treatment rich in antioxidants and collagen-building components.

Recommended for prevention against pregnancy & postpartum stretch marks.


Lightly scented with lavender essential oil, The Spoiled Mama signature pregnancy stretch mark oil calms your senses while feeding thirsty, stressed skin that’s vulnerable to stretch marks.

Helps prevent new stretch marks during pregnancy and postpartum

  • Helps reduce the appearance of new stretch marks
  • Non-greasy formula absorbs quickly
  • Soothes itchy, stressed skin
  • Perfect for perineal and infant massage


After showering, massage Bump Gloss belly oil onto skin while slightly damp. Careful, a little goes a long way!

Concentrate on areas that need extra lovin’ as your belly grows. At night, follow with another application of stretch mark body oil, or use The Spoiled Mama’s Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks for maximum stretch mark prevention. You can apply Bump Gloss belly oil multiple times daily or as needed.


  • Always apply pregnancy oil in a circular motion to promote blood flow.
  • Avoid nipple area while breastfeeding.
  • Apply oil outside of your shower, as it can make tubs slippery.
  • Pregnancy stretch mark oil is most beneficial on new stretch marks.
  • Great follow-up treatment to our sugar stretch mark sugar scrub.
  • Pregnant women should consult your doctor to ensure you’re getting the essential prenatal vitamins needed for healthy baby, body & skin!

Indulge Peppermint Sugar Scrub for Stretch Marks


Don’t let its sweet demeanour fool you: our Indulge natural body scrub takes the bite out of stretch marks!


As the ultimate shower treat, this organic sugar scrub gets rid of stretch marks, buffs away dull, dry itchy skin and helps increase elasticity for all your growing parts. As the sugar dissolves, oils rich in essential fatty acids stay behind to lock in moisture and give you a dewy glow all day long.

With its invigorating peppermint vanilla scent, this body polish energizes your senses and washes foggy mommy brain down the drain!

  • Provides gentle exfoliation for sensitive skin
  • Stretch mark scrub works by promoting blood circulation and skin elasticity
  • Soothes itchy, stressed bellies
  • Leaves your skin with a healthy glow


Apply a dollop of sugar stretch mark scrub onto damp body. Using fingers or a cloth, massage until sugar dissolves, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. Rinse with warm water, and pat dry. For maximum stretch mark prevention, follow with The Spoiled Mama’s Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks or Bump Gloss Pregnancy Stretch Mark Oil.


  • Always apply body polish in a circular motion to promote blood flow.
  • Pair with spa gloves for the ultimate exfoliation experience.
  • Sugar scrub is most beneficial for preventing new stretch marks during pregnancy.
  • Consult your doctor to ensure you’re getting the essential prenatal vitamins needed for the baby’s health care, your body & skin!

With a bit of luck and TLC you’ll win the war of the stretch marks, as always leave me your comments below to tell me your stories.

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