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How To Manage Rosacea – My Top Tips

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How to manage Rosacea

Living with any skin condition can be extremely upsetting and interfere with your everyday life. Rosacea is certainly no exception, the rash associated with the concern can lead to embarrassment, low self esteem and self confidence, and let me guess? How sick are you of people thinking your a drunk?contagious? sunburnt? Well wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew how to manage Rosacea in your day to day life? Well you can, I’m going to try and give you as much information as I can squeeze in here to help you.

What is Rosacea and who does it affect?

If you suffer from Rosacea then you are not alone! Did you know 415 million are affected worldwide and most of them are women between the age of 30-50 but when you poor gents do get it, your symptoms tend to be more severe. I’m going to be giving you as many helpful tips as I can on how to manage Rosacea as the condition has no known cure as yet but with a bit of knowledge it can be well controlled.

Rosacea is characterised by redness and flushing of the face mainly the nose, forehead, cheeks and chin caused by dilated blood vessels. You may also experience small spots or puss filled bumps similar to Acne. Sometimes effecting the eyes and eyelids. These red areas often itch, sting and burn.

What causes Rosacea

As of yet the cause is yet unknown but experts do think a bacteria found in our gut called H.pylori bacteria might play a part as it stimulates a poly- peptide that causes blood vessels to dilate.

Another contributing factor are Dermodex filliculorum which are microscopic mites which live on our skin but for you Rosacea sufferers they’re found in much higher numbers.

What seems most apparent is that Rosacea seems to be exacerbated by triggers but what is a trigger for one is not necessarily for you but many are consistent between sufferers.

Identify and eliminate triggers

This is a really important step in controlling your symptoms, start by making a diary and write down everything you eat, drink, put on your skin, exercise you take and when you get a flare up. You may begin to notice a pattern and start to eliminate the offending items.

It’s important not to just eliminate everything all at once that you think may be a trigger as when you get an improvement you won’t know what it was that made you better so do it gradually and some things may be able to stay.

Common triggers

Extremes in temperature hot/cold



Spicy foodRosacea-trigger
Hot drinks







Certain medications eg. Corticosteroid, high blood pressure

Foods containing cinnamaldahyde eg. Tomatoes, chocolate and citrus fruitSkincare-ingredients-could-trigger-Rosacea


Skin products containing parabens, phthalates, sulphites, alcohol, dyes and purfumes

Witch hazel

A combination of medication and lifestyle changes

With these 2 things you could have the recipe for success!Antibiotics-for-rosacea

So first its always a good idea to seek professional help from your doctor and or dermatologist, they can offer you so much help and support in treating this.

First lets look at what your Doctor can do

  • Your doctor can prescribe antibiotics for inflammation, beta blockers and Clonidine for severe blushing Isotretinoin for extreme cases
  • Eye specialist if your eyes are severely effected
  • Laser treatment can be performed by your dermatologist to remove dilated blood vessels known as talangiectatic
  • In more severe cases if your nose becomes very bulbous you can have treatment to reduce this by a plastic surgeon. This condition is called rhinophyma


  • Keep cool by using a fan, wearing light clothing or regularly running your wrist under cool water
  • Always protect your skin from the sun using a physical SPF which will reflect the sun keeping you cool rather than a chemical SPF which absorbs the rays.
  • Avoid rubbing your face
  • Avoid wash cloths and flannels and always pat dry
  • Wash you face with cool water never hot
  • Keep your cleansing products and moisturisers in the fridge
  • To avoid stress try meditation, tai-chi and yoga or low impact exercise
  • Sip water to keep cool and hydratedmeditation-can-relieve-stress-helping-Rosacea


Makeup can make all the difference in giving you back your confidence, whether it be full face full coverage, a lighter weight BB cream or tinted moisturiser this can really be your friend.

Men shouldn’t be afraid to try them either! There are some amazing natural cover up products that can calm down the redness.Makeup-can-boost-confidence-when-you-have-Rosacea

Always go for something mineral based and yellow to green tones are best for redness.

Skin camouflage charities offer some amazing products and even training on applying them.

My recommendation

Cliniques redness solution instant relief minerals powder

Cliniques redness solution makeup foundation


LED light therapy

This can really help your symptoms and you can even do it from home.

What are the benefits of Light therapyLED-light-therapy-an-effective-treatment-for-rosacea

  • Relieve redness
  • Regulate sebum and reduce pore size
  • Kill dermadex mites
  • Has strong anti inflammatory properties

My recommendation

Many home LED therapy can be heavy and uncomfortable and the wire is awkward and annoying so taking into consideration these factors I am recommending the Project E Beauty Photon Skin Rejuvenation Face & Neck Mask, it’s lighter weight and wireless with good reviews.

You can get it here!



Our skin has a natural protective barrier, it keeps moisture in and bacteria out, when you have Rosacea your skin cannot cope with everyday aggressors like the sun, wind and pollution and it becomes extremely sensitive and this natural barrier becomes compromised, leading to Trans Epidermal Water Loss so it’s very important to choose skincare products that are going to protect and restore this barrier function. Consider products containing ingredients like Peptides and Niacinamide.

Symptom-of -Rosacea

It is also important to consider a product containing L-Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) as this will help strengthen capillary walls and reinforce cellular protection aswell as protecting against free radical damage from pollution. Just one of the important ingredients to help strengthen your skin by boosting collagen.

It’s important your products contain effect anti-inflammatory ingredients and also anti bacterial agents.

My recommendation

Revitrol is an all in one cream to help with your symptoms, it’s clinically proven and has some great 5 star reviews! Here’s what people are saying


Skinceptions Rosacea Relief

Skinception® Rosacea Relief Serum has been scientifically formulated with a series of ingredients that work synergistically to offer BOTH immediate and long-term symptom relief to rosacea sufferers,
with benefits that may include:

  • Soothes and calms inflamed skin
  • Redness and discoloration fade
  • Improves blood circulation so red/purple spider veins fade
  • Restores a normal sensitivity threshold to skin
  • Reduces instances of burning/prickling
    sensations on skin
  • Thickened skin is softened
  • Elasticity, tone, & firmness are improved
  • Moisturizes without causing flare-ups

… With many other benefits to the overall functioning and health of your skin!


For a Soothing, anti inflammatory face wash thats gentle on your skin, I recommend Argan Organics Anti Redness, its specially
formulated with your skin type in mind.


Most importantly protect against UVA and UVB with a physical sunscreen containing zinc oxide.

Rosacea does not have to define you, take control of your triggers, start making that dairy today, speak with your dermatologist, master some make up tips and whilst relaxing under your LED light mask you can start to picture your beautiful life ahead of you where Rosacea can take a back seat!

Good luck on your journey.

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