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Do Rose Quartz Rollers Really Work? – Jade Rollers Revealed

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These little gadgets seem to have taken the world by storm this last year, claiming to make you look younger, heal all kinds of ailments and skin conditions, but do rose quartz rollers really work? or is all a load of nonsense and is there a difference between the rose quartz rollers and the jade rollers? read on to find out!

Jade, rose quartz and other crystal rollers have actually been around for centuries.

They date back as far the 7th century for the use in skincare rejuvenation in China and ancient India and the fact that they’re still being used today I think says a lot.


What Does A Rose Quartz Roller Do?

Rose quartz is said to have many beneficial proprieties including restoring love and trust in relationships, opening the heart self-love and deep inner healing.

When it comes to your skin though the rose quartz roller is great for combination, blemish, sensitive, or acne prone skin types.


Is A Rose Quartz Or Jade Roller Better?

Both crystals are said to have different healing properties, rose quartz is known as the crystal of love and for healing broken hearts whereas jade is known for power and beauty.

Jade is a much stronger and harder rock notoriously known for being difficult to calve so if buying a jade roller is on your list be mindful that there are plenty of fakes on the market, or the use of harsh chemicals are used to soften the rock to make it easier to calve even though this ruins the integrity of the beautiful stone.

Even the rose quartz rollers are subject to fake dyes to give them there beautiful color

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Do Face Rollers Actually Do Anything?

Whichever roller you decide to go for on a personal level for me it’s the skin care benefits I’m interested in.

I wanted to know what a crystal roller was actually going to do for my skin and what benefits I was going to achieve from using one if any.

So I bought one for myself and used it consistently every day, morning and evening for 10 minutes for one month.

I made no other changes to skincare regime.

I actually keep my roller in the fridge, this is a great tip to keep your roller nice and cool.

Here’s What I Thought of The Rose Quartz Roller

After week 1

Roller feels lovely to use, really relaxing and has a cooling effect on the skin. My eyes are looking slightly less puffy in morning. Really enjoying using.

After week 2

Definitely reduced puffiness around my eyes and dark circles improved.

After week 3

My skin is looking really vibrant, I’m actually quite surprised how good it’s looking from just using this roller every day.

Skin looks tighter and reduced pore size.

After Week 4

Really impressed! I wasn’t expecting much if I’m honest but my skin looks really healthy and glowing.

It also appears tighter and lifted with a definite improvement in dark circles and puffiness around my eyes which with continued use I feel could improve the fine lines.

How Do Face Rollers Work?

The main reason I have seen such an improvement in my skin quality is down the roller stimulating blood flow which increases oxygen to the skin, this gives the skin an amazing healthy glow and radiance.

The roller improves lymphatic drainage, this is important for getting rid of those pesky dark circles and puffiness, I definitely saw a massive improvement with this.

The coolness of the roller not only feels amazing but it constricts the pores making them much less visible and less likely to clog up with oil and dead skin cells which will ultimately lead to spots and blemishes.

Always make sure you clean your roller after ever use though.

I also found my products were absorbing much more efficiently and quickly.

How Often Should You Use A Rose Quartz Face Roller?

I would advise to use your roller every day.

If you suffer with puffiness, every morning a massage with your roller will speed up the lymphatic drainage process to alleviate the puffiness, but a nighttime routine is great to relax and remove toxins from the skin.

There’s actually a much wider range of crystal rollers than just rose quartz or jade roller

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Final Thoughts

I must admit, I thought the jade roller or the rose quartz crystal roller was a bit of a gimmick, I didn’t think it was really going to do all that much to visibly improve my skin but I was very pleasantly surprised I’d even go as far to say impressed!

I had noticeable reduction in dark circles and puffiness around my eyes and my skin looked healthier, glowing and radiant with definitely reduced pore size.

I really enjoyed using the roller too, sometimes you just can’t be bothered but it’s a pleasant experience and I will be incorporating it in to my daily skincare regime.

All I would say is be mindful of buying fake rollers, if they are cheap this is usually for a reason.

It is likely you are not buying a genuine crystal but a dyed product or even plastic.

Often they easily break off the metal brackets as the quality is so poor.

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Please leave me your comments below of your experiences of using any of the crystal rollers, I’d love to here them.