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Chemical Peel With A Beard! – Can Men Have Chemical Peels?

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Male grooming has never been as popular as it is now, the demand for great skin for men is growing by the day and just as important for you gents as it is for us girls.

Cosmetic procedures are on the up as well as minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatments such as the chemical peels.

But you may well be thinking is it OK or even possible for men to have a chemical peel, the very thought of putting acid on your male skin conjures up all kinds of thoughts and questions!

Can you have a chemical peel with a beard? Can you shave before or after a chemical peel? Is it going to be painful?

Don’t worry, I’m here to answer all these questions right here right now whether it be looking to go for a professional chemical peel or whether you can do it yourself at home, I’m here to help!

Can Men Have Chemical Peels?

Yes you absolutely can, although male skin is slightly thicker than female skin you can still get beautiful results from a chemical peel, but there are some extra rules you have to follow before and after to make sure you are not going to make your skin too sensitive or exposed to the peel.

Obviously you guys have facial hair to consider, so here are the rules regarding facial hair and peels.

Can I have a Chemical Peel With A Beard?

This is not a problem but I would advise if possible you trim your beard as short as you can then it is possible the peel can get through to the skin.

There are some exceptions though.

There are different types of chemical peels meaning they contain different acids.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are the ones that contain Lactic, Glycolic, Malic, Mandelic acid.

Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHAs) are your salicylic acid any peels containing these acids will be fine to go over your beard, however I would avoid any peel that requires layering these include Trichloroacetic (TCA) or Jessners.

So that’s beards covered.

Can I Shave Before Having A Chemical Peel?

Shaving is actually a form of exfoliation so every time you shave you are removing the top layer of surface skin cells so if you do this immediately before a peel, the peel could penetrate your skin deeper than intended and cause irritation.

You can shave but leave at least 24 hours before you have your peel.

Can I Shave After A Chemical Peel?

If you can avoid shaving for a few days this is the best option, if you must shave your 2nd best option is to use an electric razor, if you are desperate for the smooth clean shave you must apply lots of shaving foam and be really gentle!

If you have done a deeper peel and you skin is flaking try not to shave the flakes, definitely don’t pull them off, but with well moisturised skin gently try to message them off before shaving.

Are Chemical Peels Good For Mens Skin?

The reason why men will benefit from chemicals peels is they are not only great for increasing cellular turnover and improving collagen production, unclogging pores and reducing lines and wrinkles, they are great for ingrown hairs so if this is something you struggle with, regular chemical peels can really help.

Should I Avoid Anything After A Chemical Peel?

Ideally you should avoid anything that is going to make you hot and sweaty for the first 48 hours until the skin starts to exfoliate, otherwise sweat can get trapped beneath the skin and cause inflammation or even post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

So try to keep out of the gym, saunas and steam rooms.

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What Are The Best DIY Chemical Peels For Men?

Here’s my pick of some of the best ones for all budgets I think you’ll love.

Perricone MD No rinse Exfoliating Peel

This is a leave on Peel you can actually use every day after cleansing, it will leave your skin bright and clear with added moisture due to the added her hydrating hero ingredient hyaluronic acid.

It should a great one to pop over facial hair too.

Expect to see smooth, glowing skin and plumped out fine lines and wrinkles.



The Best Chemical Peel for Acne/Blemish Prone Skin For Men

The Murad Repleishing Multi Acid Peel is a two-step Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) peel which promises 33% accelerated cell renewal in just 7 days.

It will unclog pores and fight off the blemishes in no time.

Be prepared for gorgeous glowing skin guys.THE-BEST-PEEL-FOR-MEN-WITH-FACIAL-HAIR


The Best Chemical Peel To Control Shine

The Omorovicza Blue Diamond Peel is a powerful  blend of AHA’s, peptides and amino acids to give your skin an amazing by-weekly opulent treatment.

It reduces sebum (oil) production, firms the skin, with brightening, lightening and cell renewing ingredients.THE-BEST-PEEL-FOR-MEN-WITH-BEARDS


All of the above are really safe home peels and are great to be using daily or a couple of times a week and you will start to see improvements in skin quality over time as you use them.

If you were looking for the more the hardcore of peels you can get that from the peels below, just always use with caution and make sure you always follow the instructions provided with peel to ensure safety.

70% Glycolic Acid Deep Strength

If you are wanting a seriously deep peel and are prepared for some down time then this peel is the one for you.

I would definitely not recommend this strength peel to anyone new to chemical peels or with sensitive skin, also available in a 30% and 50% always start low and build up.


It does come with peel prep, a neutralising solution and a hyaluronic acid serum.

This is great for targeting lines and wrinkle and any pigmentation problems you might have.

For issues with oily, acne prone skin, the Salicylic acid Peel will be more up your street.

Again with this one, 30% is the higher strength but it is advisable to start with the lower strengths and build up.

With the higher strength you can expect visible peeling on days 4-5.

It’s definitely great for controlling breakouts.



An important point to note with any form of exfoliation especially skin peels is the importance of protecting your skin with a high factor daily SPF.

Final Thoughts

Chemical peels can be a great addition to any mans skincare regime, whether it’s going to see a professional once a month for a medical grade treatment or DIY treatment at home.

There’s plenty of choice from the more gentle daily or weekly exfoliating peels to the shall we say more hardcore deep chemical peel you might do once and decide never again or love the results and make it a monthly workout for your skin.

Either way I’d love to here your thoughts and experiences, please do so in the comments below.