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Top Anti Aging Supplements- Treat Your Skin From Within

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I absolutely love my skin care products and it is so important for me to be able to use and be able to recommend products to you and the patients in my clinic that have gone through proper clinical trials, are backed by science and will actually work. But great skin is not just about topical products that we put on our skin but we must also treat our skin from the inside too which led to my quest to find the top anti aging supplements that again must cover all these important bases to actually deliver results.

What do we want from an anti aging supplement?

As we age our skin starts to lose elasticity, volume and hydration leading to sagging and thinning of the skin and the development of lines and wrinkles.

Why does this happen?

Once we enter our twenties our collagen levels start to drop by about 1.5% every year, collagen is so important for giving our skin its youthful bounce and plumpness and as we start to lose it our skin gets thinner and wrinkly.

We also produce less elastin which is what makes the skin stretchy and as the name suggests, elastic, enabling the skin to snap back into shape when we’re young, but as we get older, our elastin levels deplete and our skin will start to sag.

Ceramides are lipids, theses are fats within the skin which are also lost as we age and these are an important factor in protecting our skin against environmental aggressors such as pollution and UV, these age our skin by  destroying our collagen leading to lines and wrinkles.

Lipids are important as they protect our skins’ barrier function, important for holding in moisture and keeping harmful aggressors out.

The other important factor in maintaining a youthful appearance is hyaluronic acid, this sits in between our collagen and elastin fibres and is responsible for maintaining moisture within the skin, in fact it can hold up to 1000 times it owns weight in water but as we age our levels drop and we produce less of it so our skin becomes dehydrated and lacks plumpness leading to more lines and wrinkles, great isn’t it!

So we want a supplement that can support all these things to keep our skin looking young, hydrated and wrinkle free.

Pure Elixir 01 Smart Age Supplement

Loved by beauty editors of Harpers Bazaar and Glamour Magazine Pure Elixir 01 Smart Age Supplement view great skin health as a 360 approach so combining skincare, good nutrition with sleep and exercise to provide the ultimate results.

They only use high end quality ingredients in their supplement sourced from the best suppliers produced by a team of professionals that take pride in their product.


Their supplement has gone through independent clinical trails to establish the efficacy of this product, it was clinically proven to reduce lines and wrinkles and improve skin tone on the face and the body. See the results here.

These anti ageing supplements contain a blend of active ingredients including

Marine Collagen, Vitamin C, E and hyaluronic acid work by entering your bloodstream reaching all the skin, plumping out lines and wrinkles from within.

They have a clean slate of 5 star reviews and people are seeing great results after just four weeks but it is recommended for really amazing results to trail them for eight weeks! You just take one capsule a day with water along with your daily skincare regime and it’s as easy as that.



Skinception’s Phyto350

I’m a fan of Skinceptions products as they are really well researched containing a host of clinically proven ingredients, creator Dr David is Board Certified  founder of Body and Facial Medical Aesthetics in Boston Massachusetts where he uses the latest medical and cosmetic procedures to treat the signs of ageing.

Skinceptions Phyto 350 supplements to contains phytoceramides.  The benefits of taking ceremides in a supplement is they are targeting your skin from within by entering the bloodstream which is suggested to be more beneficial than applying them topically.

They helps fight lines and wrinkles, sun damage and blemishes due to other great clinically proven anti ageing ingredients such as Vitamin C which is our skins powerhouse ingredient and works even more effectively combined with Vitamin A which will go towards reducing dark spots.

Vitamin E protects the skin from free radical damage from pollutants, and cigarette smoke, Vitamin D to reduce sun damage and help skin regeneration.

It also comes with a 67-day money back guarantee as he is so confident you will love his product.

It also benefits from being an all natural product and it holds 4 out of 5 stars in its reviews section.


Whilst doing my researching to the many supplements we can take for our ageing skin I did come across some really interesting information.

Something else that contributes to our skin ageing quite dramatically is this. As we age we get a decrease in a hormone called HGH Human Growth Hormone this leads to so many age related symptoms including

  • lines and wrinkles
  • saggy skin
  • thinning hair
  • belly fat
  • low energy
  • poor mental allertless
  • low sex drive


A combination of supplements and an oral spray raises HGH levels back to a levels close to that of a person in their 20’s restoring the skins health along with so many other benefits including

  • smoother, younger looking skin
  • sounder sleep
  • increase muscle mass
  • higher metabolism
  • easier to loose weight
  • increased energy
  • stronger hair and nails

the list goes on..

GenF20 is doctor approved and you can see the clinical trails and study results here.

I highly recommend reading the testimonials for this, people are getting great results



In summary I would 100% recommend Pure Elixir 01 Smart Age Supplements they have absolutely everything going for them except they don’t include phytoceramides.

Skinceptions benefits from the Phytoceramides.

GenF20 is an extremely well research product with exceptional benefits not just for your skin but many other age related problems.

Let me know your experiences and results, it’s always great to here from you in the comments below.

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